Transforming the way you
manage your franchise

 Everything you need to improve franchise operations across your franchise network on one single platform.
With TreeAMS, achieving  operational excellence in your franchise system could not be simpler and more seamless.

TreeAMS’s  franchise management features are designed to help you scale your franchise consistently and exponentially.


The competitive edge franchise owners need to develop robust audit programs that maintain high performance.

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Helping franchise organisations organise processes, document, assign, and update business processes that are  critical to franchise operations management success.

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TreeAMS offers an all in one Training and Assessment feature to support franchisors to implement their network training programs and monitor performance progress securely over the cloud.

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Our Onboarding feature helps franchise organisati0ons design customised workflows, set notifications and track progress to improve the productivity and reliable onboarding processes for franchisee success.

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Product Features

Learn more about TreeAMS’s Dashboard, Audit, SOP, Training, and Process Management features that optimise franchise operations performance across stores and territories.

Audit in a simple and straightforward way

Creating, implementing and reviewing an audit has never been easier.

Improve efficiency in Developing and Managing SOPs

Build your SOP sections in modules that can be easily created, modified and used to form a whole new SOPs for different departments

Train and assess employees

Track the progress and performance of your outlet and employee trainings.

Fast, simple, and systematic way to manage your workflows and projects.

Standardise your important and commonly used checklists to reduce manual and repetitive work.

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