About Us.

Welcome to TreeAMS, the platform where operations scalability meets financial intelligence.

We empower business owners, franchisors, and operations managers with tools to achieve unparalleled scalability by integrating comprehensive data insights and streamlined operations. TreeAMS offers a robust platform that integrates financial data with intuitive tools, offering unified dashboards for optimized internal communications, training, onboarding, audits, and team management.


Grow Better, Go Further

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Join the ranks of successful brands who have leveraged TreeAMS to scale better and smarter, starting from one to infinity.

Simplifying the way you manage and scale your business.

TreeAMS revolutionizes traditional Operations Management methods by leveraging technology to implement and integrate multiple Operational tools onto one dashboard. Business Owners can access valuable financial and operational insights to help them drive scalable growth, whilst Operations managers quickly act on data-driven insights for more effective Operations management across multiple territories.

TreeAMS is trusted by brands across Asia Pacific to bring practical operational convenience to teams whilst providing access driven, real-time, actionable insights to business owners, team leaders, franchisors, franchisees and their respective frontliners continuously.

It’s All About the People 

Since our first hire, the entire TreeAMS team has focused on passionately serving and co-creating with our customers to develop more robust management solutions as they grow across the region. We believe the only way to succeed is to truly listen to and create our customers’ products and features.

TreeAMS strives to create a culture that empowers an intelligent, passionate, innovative, and mission-driven workforce.

We love how each new hire adds to our culture. And, we’re hiring.

We believe that each of our superpowers makes us stronger. Building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organisation is good for our team, customers, and community. We empower each other to bring unique perspectives and experiences to work and continually seek new ways to do so.


Hsien Naidu

Chief Excecutive Officer (CEO)

Hsien Naidu is a business accelerator who has been growing brands and helping entrepreneurs regionally for over 20 years through franchising, branding and intellectual property management across all industries. To Hsien, the intrinsic satisfaction that comes with building successful brand growth with entrepreneurs is unparalleled and it is what drives her to keep pushing to discover innovative solutions.

Ardan Peddell

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Since graduating in 1981, Ardan has taken on all aspects of the technical side of developing and maintaining several businesses in the entertainment, retail, and hospitality industries. Thirty years of hands-on experience in software engineering and developing customized software solutions to match business requirements, rather than having to use fixed single-use applications, has been his passion. From the early 80’s to today he has kept up with the constant changes in computing technology and is always looking to improve existing solutions and find new ways to harness future technologies and processes. The end goal is to provide more efficient and user-friendly software solutions for any business process.

Felicia Elsa

Chief eXperience Officer (CXO)

Elsa is a business process expert and specialises in Process Digitalisation. She is focused on customer onboarding journey that is focused on training new users leverage TreeAMS for improving efficiency, consistency and productivity.

Soh Wei Si

Product Manager

Wei Si is fresh in the working field and brings on new perspectives of work which revolve around product thinking. She manages product features in TreeAMS using the Agile framework and sees through the development from start to end. On top of product management, she has incorporated UX principles into product development and created UI designs.

Mike Owen

Product Manager

Mike Owen is Associate product manager for TreeAMS..

Reza Mahendra


Rheza is an experienced frontend developer specializing in React.js, Next.js, and Vue.js. Passionate about creating visually appealing interfaces and optimizing website performance. Background in Engineering Physics with a keen interest in UI/UX, Data Visualization, AI, and Machine Learning. Eager to learn and tackle new challenges.

Yolanda Simamora


Yolanda Simamora is a React Front End Developer who has been working in developing fields for about 8 years. Has a Bachelor of Informatic Engineering from 2013 she has been built numerous robust websites, applications with several programming languages. For Yolanda, exploring things on developing is a challenge to be mastered. Aside from developing, Yolanda likes to cook, devour books and also running. Fiction books are her most favourite ones.


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