TreeAMS for Franchise Managers

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A Franchise Manager’s most important responsibility is to provide support and value-added guidance to their Franchisees to maximize their Franchised Unit potential. The Franchise Manager’s role includes a mix of operational and management functions designed to help franchisees focus on results rather than focusing on problems. The right Franchise Management solution can help the Franchise manager do just that.

Optimize the Quality and Sales performance of franchisees.

As a Franchise Manager, you have multiple areas and projects to manage and run multiple tasks with different teams. Whilst legacy methods like spread sheets, physical training and face to face meetings work, it can be very laborious and time consuming. Today, technology helps reduce the manual tasks of planning, scheduling, implementing as well as collating and presenting data. TreeAMS offers a complete suite of Franchise Management tools that simplifies and enhances franchisee oversight.

Stay Ahead of your Franchisees

Leveraging technology to surface the outcome of key trainings, audits, sales performance in almost real time, giving you an opportunity to analyse individual franchisee performance against the network performance and flag areas of concern or opportunities in advance. Anticipating potential issues the franchisee may be facing and helping address them before they escalate to become problems is a priceless value add to the franchise network you manage.


How Franchise Managers use TreeAMS to manage their Franchise Network Better

Implement Consistent Onboarding Solutions

Successful Franchise Implementation is about Consistent Replicability. The Onboarding Feature on TreeAMS takes the new franchisee through the various processes and checklists necessary to help the franchisee set up their new Franchised business.

Track Performance

Besides implementing and managing Daily Operational tasks, Franchise managers need to report to management the performance of the franchise network. TreeAMS provides detailed reports from the training and audits conducted. Franchise Managers can can create multiple audits on key areas of the business to track the performance of their franchisees across units, territories,and over a period of time

Resolve Problems before Escalation

With the alerts and triggers franchise managers will be able to manage issues and problems in real time and help the franchisees resolve them effectively. 


Ensure Compliance

The Audit Feature is designed to help Franchise Managers design, plan, schedule, implement and generate automated reports for more in-depth analysis. The shortened Audit process means corrective actions can be taken to ensure sustainable operational excellence. 

Turn Discussions into Results

TreeAMS provides a Dynamic and Configurable dashboard to help you visualize the performance of individual Franchised outlet performance against the overall Franchise network to glean valuable insights. Benchmarks and performance indicators help you to stay ahead of  your franchisees and become more proactive in managing of your franchisees.

Track performance with TreeAMS audit feature

Armed with operational performance data, Franchise Managers can confidently have conversations with Franchisees using data backed reports to drive home their suggestions and motivate franchisees to achieve better performance.

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