Franchise Onboarding and workflow made simple

Standardise all important and frequently repeated workflows on the TreeAMS Workflow feature

 A Workflow Solution holds all the core processes in which companies and businesses  bring teams up to speed on the various key roles in a fast, simple, secure, and proven way.

The TreeAMS  workflow feature helps set up new onboarding processes, new employee orientation and standardised checklists that are commonly used in every business to reduce manual and repetitive work.

Other valuable processes that can be replicated using this feature include franchisee onboarding, store set up, marketing management and general project management.

Enhance the speed of Onboarding with TreeAMS

The TreeAMS Workflow Feature facilitates onboarding programs. Each Onboarding program and workflow contains various checklists, workflows and processes whilst embedding automation that trigger next step functions either via email, alerts, or integrations to ensure every step follows a logical sequence.

When process flows are well designed, the team’s collaboration and productivity can become greatly enhanced.


The TreeAMS Workflow Solution helps businesses manage Onboarding, Project and Checklist management so that every step is sequentially organised, ensuring users are automatically notified via triggers to activate next steps.

Daily Checklists and reminders can be viewed on the dashboard so important tasks never get forgotten. The progress of each Onboarding Project is displayed on the customised Management dashboard for every user involved in the project to enhance collaborative teamwork.

View what is happening, who is the task owner and when each task is due at each stage. Find out where the bottlenecks are in real time and take informed action to avoid unnecessary delays.

Leveraging technology to improve the entire business management process can help to  increase productivity, reduce human errors, decrease repetitive non-value-add work and ultimately, increase profitability.

Workflow Functions

The flexible and systematic way to manage recurring workflows for your franchise

Automated process set up

Each step can be sequentially set up to happen one after another or adopt no fixed format.

Set triggers on processes

Our Onboarding and Workflow allows for next step triggers and alerts to be set.

Track the progress of each project

Based on the progress of each project, the dashboard will display the progress of each uncompleted phase.

Assign user with specific checklist to control multiple divisional task assignment

Assign specific users for each checklist and collaborate with different divisions as well as  view the overall progress of project in real time.

Update and Upload documents directly to the checklist

To keep track of the current process progress, you can update related document checklists, thus reducing the need to send documents in a separate email system.

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