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As teams grow in numbers and across different territories, traditional training becomes increasingly impractical, time consuming and costly.

In this digital age, online training is an important resource to help  teams systematically and cost effectively acquire a brand’s fundamental product knowledge and workflow practices.

Effective Training and assessments provide continuous improvement milestones and  helps to ensure better consistency, increased productivity, as well as customer satisfaction.

Support growing franchises to implement their training programs successfully

Assessment is therefore, necessary to determine whether the skills have been effectively acquired by the learner during the training. The TreeAMS Training Feature supports growing businesses to implement their training and assessment programs securely over the cloud so that teams can learn and receive assessments at their own pace over any device, anywhere, anytime.

Just because employees were taught doesn’t mean they learned. That’s where training evaluation comes in.

SV Gunalan, Business Owner, Springleaf Prata Place


TreeAMS Training and Assessment is the central repository a business needs to maintain the most updated department specific training modules.

A Digital Training program means businesses are no longer dependent on physical trainers and training venues to execute each training. Instead, objective based training programs and the requisite assessments can be produced ahead of time and assigned to various departments and individuals according to roles.

Digital Training modules can increase consistency, be more cost effective and help reduce the amount of effort needed to plan, schedule, conduct and assess each face-to-face training.

As Assessments are implemented and assessment outcomes recorded digitally, progress and improvements can be more systematically evaluated to allow for swifter performance recovery.

An organisation’s ability to LEARN, and translate that learning into ACTION rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Jack Welch, Former CEO, General Electric

Training Functions

Maintain your department specific training modules in one central repository

Role Specific Training

Design Online Training modules with vertical or horizontal progression to deploy customised training programs.

Multiple Training Formats

PDFs, Pictures, and Reference videos may be uploaded. All course materials are accessed using a permission-based system and can be viewed multiple times.

Assessment Module

Each training may be accompanied by assessments. Set completion timing with each assessment and track results by individuals, departments or by stores.

Track Performance with Analytics

Assess and Evaluate learning outcomes across the system with automated reports. Track Performance with benchmark analytics.

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