Systematically maintain Quality  Operations

TreeAMS AUDIT is the agile tool for quality and time conscious, forward-thinking teams

A systematically implemented Audit plan is the key to maintaining quality operational performance standards across your franchise.

Like strong roots that support the health of a tree and its branches, Tree AMS Quality Operations Audit is the competitive edge franchisors need to develop robust audit programs that maintain high-quality performance across outlets in the areas of customer service, operational and financial compliance.


TreeAMS Audit enables you to assign various audits according to the roles of the auditors and reduce the manual effort usually needed to plan, schedule, implement and sort out audit reports.

Consistently implemented Audits help you to keep track of your overall franchise network operations performance, improve customer experience and eventually set up benchmarks across the different levels in the network to plan for continuous improvement.

Full visibility across all your operational aspects

Operational audits are incredibly beneficial for helping the franchise operations teams identify areas for improvement, uncovering opportunities for greater efficiency that turn into cost savings.

TreeAMS Audit provides full performance visibility across your entire franchise operations and furnishes management with more accurate and actionable insights. Align network-wide franchisee performance and turn data into action plans!

Audit Functions

Assign, plan, schedule, implement audits and sort out audit reports effortlessly

Measure Store Performance in Multiple Dimensions

Headquarters can now measure the performance of each store using multi-functional audits that include survey questions, photo and video uploads.

Easily Schedule Your Audits

Our inbuilt audit scheduler allows you to plan internal and external audits by role, by outlet and by week, month or year.

Dashboard to link Financial Operations with Operational Performance

Understand how operational quality impacts your financial performance!

Automated Real Time Paperless Reports

Audit outcomes are reflected in the system and reports can be generated in real time. No more paper reports or reams of spreadsheets.

Follow Up Actions and Monitoring

Audit failure recovery is made easy with automatic alerts and follow-up action plans, allowing more efficient checks and balances.

Conduct Audits On The Go

Our responsive platform will allow you to conduct an audit or view a checklist anywhere and various devices.

Library of templates and Checklists by industry

Supplement your checklists with a consistently updated library of industry checklists and audits.

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