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Increase overall profitability

Get both operational and financial insights to achieve sustainable, profitable growth across all your outlets. Track Royalties, Revenue from proprietary supplies, training, marketing contribution on one platform, Our Tree network ensures all franchisee perfromance  is reflected so that franchisors area able to track franchisor relevant revenue is captured. Plus, our customisable dashboards provide you with actionable report insights to plan budgets, maintain quality standards, and reduce costs to increase performance across every outlet!​

Improve operations

With TreeAMS, everything from outlet operations, to internal communications, people management and restocking is included on one platform. When every franchise unit is on one network, you can quickly locate everything related to the franchisee, send out updates, create internal chats to everyone who needs to know and keep a communication thread. Automate often replicated processes, manage Training, boost compliance through checklists, and recieve in system automated  reports..

Operations Scalability

The ongoing success of a franchise system is highly dependent on the scalability of its operations. Once the franchise has grown to a certain size, the challenges of maintaining consistency and quality become increasingly challenging. Successful franchisors leverage systematic training programs, checklists, compliance evaluations, and perfromance score cards to encourage franchisee joint accountability in the franchise stsrem. Having each franchisee jointly accountable goes a long way to mitigating risks ascoiated with brand integrity and quality operations. Succesful franchisors use TreeAMS to help them ensure consistency as they scale across territories.

Brands of all sizes rely on TreeAMS

TreeAMS is designed to meet your needs at every stage of your business.​

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Drive brand success across your​ entire franchise network.

With TreeAMS, you can effectively replicate your company’s key success drivers at every level of your business growth. TreeAMS readily presents data specific of each outlet to help you unleash the full potential of your business! ​

Franchise management essentials packed​ in one smart platform.​

TreeAMS is an integrated franchise operations management system designed to optimise both Operational and financial performance through consistent operations processes, Streamlined Training, Robust compliance and checklist features across multiple outlets and territories.

Grow better, go further!

TreeAMS is the go-to platform for businesses seeking to scale across
the Asia Pacific region.

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