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Increase overall profitability

In TreeAMS, you get all the tools you need to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Use actionable insights to turn your business into a success and reduce costs with a complete suite of features that adds value across every area of your business.​

Improve operations scalability

With TreeAMS, you can simplify key processes, boost compliance, and develop goal-oriented actions across multiple units all done remotely in one platform.

Reduce Onboarding & Training Costs

Streamline your onboarding and training processes. With our advanced features, your franchise will be up and running quickly and efficiently.

Brands of all sizes rely on TreeAMS

TreeAMS systematically grows with you at every stage of your business.​

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Drive brand success across your​ entire franchise network.

In TreeAMS, you can effectively replicate the key success drivers of your brand at every franchise level. TreeAMS readily presents network data to help you unleash the full potential of your business! ​

Franchise management essentials packed​ in one smart platform.​

TreeAMS is an integrated franchise operations management system designed to optimise performance through systematic Management, Training, Audit and Onboarding implementation across multiple outlets and territories.

Grow better, go further!

TreeAMS is the go-to platform of brands and businesses across
the Asia Pacific region.

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