Smarter Decisions, More Profits



Boost Your Business Profitability

TreeAMS quality operations management software provides all the tools you need to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Turn actionable insights into results and reduce costs by leveraging an integrated suite of Operations management features that help you communicate processes, onboard new employees, train,  and ensure compliance across every area of your business.


Gain 360° Franchise Visibility

Harness the power of real-time data with TreeAMS Customizable Dashboard. Eliminate communication barriers with unique visibility across units and territory. Get detailed performance overview from all angles. Make decisions in real-time and inspire both outlet and franchisee growth.

Accelerate Franchisee Onboarding

Reduce the time spent on repetitive onboarding tasks. Automate your key operational processes so repeated processes can be executed consistently with reduced manual intervention.

Efficient Audit for Better Quality Control

Reduce time spent on audit planning, scheduling and implementation significantly. Automate away the time-consuming steps of manual audits to focus on higher value work. What’s more, the work never stops at completing an audit. Until the gaps in the audit are communicated, documented and corrected, the Audit cycle is not complete. TreeAMS audit helps you reduce laborious repeated effort spent on planning, executing, assigning corrective actions, checking and creating reports.

Drive Efficient Key Business Processes, All Paperless

Digitally monitor and update regulatory compliance. Eliminate the need to print paper SOP documents. Manage workflows, notify the right people and track status updates.

Train More with Less

Conduct more effective training remotely and cost-effectively. TreeAMS is the perfect solution for online learning and assessment. When face to face training is needed, you can also initiate a face to face assessment. Regardless of how near or far, training employees and franchisees  with units miles apart is a breeze.

Reduce Risks, Uncover Hidden Profits

Business continuity is made possible with documented processes, practical training programmes and collaborative Operations manuals are placed together on one platform. Cloud-based business intelligence helps to calculate real-time royalty and other revenue streams. Insights on the dashboard reporting feature also helps identify negative trends for cost control and motivate store managers and franchisees to become more profit conscious.


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