Optimise Scalability


Scale your franchise system efficiently and sustainably

Quickly and cost-effectively  your team train your franchisees with systematic onboarding programs, The key to successful Franchise Scalability is reliable replicability.Our Onboarding programs and Compliance tools help you to do just that!

Onboard Franchisees Effectively

Effortlessly onboard new franchisees from anywhere in the world consistently with pre-built workflows that take your franchisees from Operations Manuals, to Training programs, quizes and checklists. Streamline onboarding processes to accelerate your franchise growth.

Daily Checklists

Checklists help to streamline daily operational tasks and ensure uniformity across all your outlets.Use Checklists to help new franchisees and they teams learn the ropes as they build your brand with you!

Systematic Training Programs

Reduce manual one-on-one training by automating your training process. Create custom training programs that can include articles, videos as well as assessments and trainer lead evaluations to fit your company’s needs. combine different assessment methods to ensure knowledge transfer. Our reporting tools help you oversee training capabilities and ensure that training competencies are up to your brand standards.

Franchisee Performance Scorecards

Franchise Performance Scorecards clearly communicate financial and qualitative performance across franchise units. It helps to.establish key performance areas to guide continuous improvement for franchisees and build joint accountability between franchisors and franchisees.Most importantly Franchise Perfromance scorecards help both franhcisors and franchisees drive operational excellence.

Operations Quality Compliance across all franchised units

Maintaining franchisewide standards ensure that the essence of the brand is consistently communicated across all franchised units.Regular franchise quality Complaince Assessments help ensure that product quality, service levels, and operational procedures meet the same high standards everywhere. Our complaince tool makes it easy for Compliance Managers to plan, execute, set corrective actions and confirm improvements efficiently in one seamless wprkflow. Everything from checklists, questionaires, evidence reporting tools that include pictures and video recordings can be organised to help achieve the intent of your audits. Ultimately, this discipline of implementing regular compliance checks will help build a stronger and more consistent brand.

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