Scale Multi-Unit Operations Effectively



Say Hello To Digitally Automated Quality Operations

Managing multiple franchise units becomes more complex, and the need for comprehensive franchise management tools comes with it. TreeAMS franchise management software allows Franchise Managers to simplify key processes, boost compliance, and develop goal-oriented actions all done remotely in one platform. 

Unified Solution for Operational Excellence

Obtain a bird’s eye view of how the business is performing over any period of time. Identify gaps, opportunities and actionable insights that develop best franchisee accountability.

Simplify Knowledge Transfer Across Units

Automate and recreate multiple key business workflows and processes in seconds rather than days. Systematically and consistently implement repeat processes across all franchise units with ease.

Consistently Build One Vision Across Teams

Discover gaps in franchise system in minutes and execute corrective actions for brand alignment. Quickly monitor compliance, consistency and performance with reliable metrics.

Effortlessly Roll-Out SOP Updates

Break down communication barriers with real-time SOP update notifications. Ensure everyone on the franchise network with access to up-to-date standardized operating procedures anytime, anywhere.

Easily Train People, Reinforce Your Brand

Greatly improve franchise staff training to align with business and brand standards. Deliver relevant training to franchisees fast and efficiently, anytime anywhere

Achieve Total Operational Control Across Units

Level-up reporting by tracking real-time corrective actions, trainee details, and non-compliance details. Easily identify training gaps and improve risk management efforts.

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