TreeAMS for Franchise Onboarding

Implement Your Franchisee Onboarding Seamlessly



The key to successful franchisee onboarding is to ensure they experience the entire suite of knowledge and experience transfer. Clearly laying out each step of this process helps each franchisee anticpate and prepare for what will happen next in each area they are being trained in.

Helping you to alleviate repetitive tasks

There are many aspects to Franchisee onboarding and can involve a lot of planning, administrative organising as well as many physical training hours.
TreeAMS is designed to help alleviate some of these manual and repetitive tasks that make up most of the franchisees onboarding process. Leveraging a digital platform allows the predesigned Franchisee Onboarding Program to be systematically assigned to every new Franchisee that comes on board the franchise network.

Connect every aspect of franchisee onboarding

TreeAMS’ Franchisee Onboarding Solution connects every aspect of the Franchisee Onboarding from Franchisor’s welcome, to workflows on brand concept training, related assessments, store location selection, store set up to Launch planning and execution, and results — all on one flexible  Project management Platform.


Everything you need in a Franchise Onboarding Software

Streamlined Onboarding

From welcoming new franchisees to giving instructions or drafting plans, TreeAMS supports all franchisee onboarding needs by providing useful widgets/functions/features for a streamlined onboarding process. All tasks are done in one platform.

Consistent Knowledge and Experience Transfer for Every Franchisee

Ensure all of your franchisees obtain the same knowledge and experience through a similar franchisee onboarding process.


Keep track of the entire onboarding process!

TreeAMS offers various ways to keep you informed on every onboarding process, from an email notification to onboarding completion status right on your smart dashboard.

Timely Franchisee Onboarding

Keep the franchisee onboarding process on track within your planned timeline! Any bottleneck could derail the whole franchise opening plan.

Keep all necessary files in one platform

TreeAMS helps you to avoid scattered files. Whether you need your franchisees to read or provide you with specific files during the onboarding or vice versa, TreeAMS is all you need.

Empower your franchisees today