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Food Safety Practices Audit Template
A Food Safety Practices Audit evaluates the overall food preparation, handling, and storage at a food operation premise. This audit focuses on identifying the key areas of the business that are required to comply to strict F&B Industry standard guidelines. The audit should help highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses within the business network and serve as guidelines for management to make informed decisions and proactive actions.

Food Storage

Overall checklist of the storage for different types of products. It sets a benchmark for the operation staff to ensure that the products are stored correctly before being used.

Food Handling

Clear guidelines on the handling of products, such as proper labelling and separating different products.

Why you need this template

Protect your business

The Food Safety Practices is a crucial aspect in the F&B business. Stop hazards before they become incidents.

Set Benchmarks to surface corrective Actions

With clear benchmark, you will be able to identify the non compliance areas that require immediate actions.

Provide overall Financial Insight

By conducting this Audit and comparing with your sales, you will be able to understand the amount of storage required for each store.

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