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Store Cleanliness Template
A Store Cleanliness Audit provides standards for a comprehensive check of the outlets’s Front of House and Back of House cleanliness.

Front of House Cleanliness

The front of house is the main interaction place between your business and your customers. It is critical touch point for the success of your business. Ensuring cleanliness standards are upheld will serve as a protective measure.

Back of House Cleanliness

Although the back of house is often not accessible or within plain sight of customers, the cleanliness of this area will highly impact the safety and hygiene of the products.

Why you need this template

Ensure Overall Cleanliness

This template will serve as a guide to ensure overall store cleanliness. Customise the template further to match your business model.

Quality Control

With this template, you will be able to set quality control standards across all your outlets.

Customer experience

Use this template to engage customers for feedback on your business’ hygiene check.

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