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TreeAMS is the World’s most Comprehensive Franchise Management System. It has been specially designed to put Franchise owners from different sectors in the driver’s seat, allowing you to view all the key performance areas of the franchise across your network on a single dashboard. The TreeAMS franchise management Solution has changed the way franchises are managed and is the cornerstone of successful franchises in Asia Pacific.

Everything you need to scale your franchised business.

TreeAMS Franchise Management System offers everything you need to scale your franchised business on a single platform. TreeAMS is the platform to plan, manage, schedule, implement and analyse performance of everything critical to Franchise network performance – from Onboarding, SOP Management, Training, Audit to presenting of useful financial analytics.

Helping franchises improve their overall performance.

Leveraging TreeAMS as your ONE Franchise Management Solution allows you to track Franchisee Onboarding, Sales, Royalty Payments, audits and training standards as well as compliance reports so managers can focus on value-added activities that help the franchisees improve their overall performance.

Everything you need in a Franchise Management Software


SOP Management

A well-managed franchise is built on the foundation of up to date SOPs. Being able to update SOPs, easily distribute and keep track of the latest versions ensure franchisees are always kept informed of developments relevant to them. No longer are hard copies, PDF uploads necessary. No longer will there be a need to quibble over whether the franchisee has been notified. All communication and versions are tracked in real time.

Training & Assessment

The success of a franchisee is highly dependent on the training received. TreeAMS Training feature offers franchisors the ability to centralise all training documents, assign relevant to the right parties, implement assessments as well as track performance by individuals and by Franchised outlets.

Process Management

This allows you tighter control over the processes and operations of each outlet. Through systematic onboarding processes and project related process management you can ensure every team member and franchisee in every outlet follows your required operational implementation standards.

Audit Tool

TreeAMS Audit helps franchisors design, schedule, implement and generate the necessary reports automatically.

Issue Tracker

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Customisable Dashboard

Present only the data you wish to monitor on your dashboard to serve as a magnifying Glass to you make informed decisions based on both financial and quality operations driven data.

Benchmarking & KPI Capabilities

Benchmarking in the key performance areas of the franchise system is important as it provides clear performance data that help franchise managers conduct productive field visit performance interviews and maintain system wide standards.

Network Management

The TreeAMS Franchise network management tracks outlets by the hierarchy of their business entities, from Franchisor, to different territories and by outlets. Different user rights may be assigned to different members on this network, ensuring only the right people have access to the right information.


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