TreeAMS for Brand Management

Strengthen brand management to serve your customers better



Establish alignment and consistency for your brand with the help of TreeAMS so that every department, franchisee, and team member convey ONE single message to your customers.

One-stop digital brand compliance tool

Depending on the planned objective, TreeAMS serves as your One-Stop Digital Brand compliance tool to assist with Standard Operations Protocol (SOP) Management, Consistent brand training, New Employee Brand Orientation or even brand audits.


Leveraging TreeAMS to simplify brand compliance management

Centralize All Brand Management related document

Instantly distributes latest Brand related updates to every team member who needs to know. This results in clearer documentation of all Brand management and Marketing protocols.

Pre-set process flow for marketing execution

Positive impact on employees when every team member responsible for brand compliance can rely on a tried and tested brand marketing management process flow.


Easy Brand Audits

Easy audits make it easier for Field Managers to plan, schedule implement and enforce compliance whenever necessary.

Convenient Access for authorised users to Brand Assets

The Central Document Repository make it easy access to all brand assets

Consistent Brand Training

Conscious documentation of Brand Guidelines, Brand Persona and Brand Voice helps with consistent Brand implementation.

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