TreeAMS for Business Owner

Smart dashboard to visualise operations in one integrated view



Business owners have multiple responsibilities and constantly need to make critical decisions that impact the success of the business. TreeAMS provides a Smart dashboard that allows business owners to visualize both financial and quality operations metrics in one integrated view to help them make informed decisions.

Provides actionable business insights and benchmarks at various levels.

From headquarter performance, territory command centers to individual units, the smart dashboard provides actionable business sights and benchmarks at various levels that help business managers make timely decisions and ensure business performance is always on track.

Performance Scorecards.

TreeAMS features come equipped with in-system reporting functionalities. You can track who has engaged with the Operations manuals, Training programs, Onboarding programs and even if they have completed their audits and corrective action statuses. To add more value to the team’s performance, TreeAMS can provide you with a consolidated summary of an outlet’s performance in the form of a report card, so that both you and your operations teams can have joint accountability on actionable next steps. 


All the Information you need to make Informed Decisions

Track the right metrics

Our customizable dashboard feature allows you to choose the KPIs you want to track. You can order your own customised reports with the financial data extracted from different sources, decide what operational metrics you want to track and also set future action plans for each individual store. Sealing each performance scorecard at a particular time provides a baseline for improvement and ongoing coaching actions.

Monitor project progress

Business owners need to have oversight on all the multiple projects that are happening at any one time. TreeAMS offers a powerful Process Builder Feature that provides you with an overview of all project progress, as well as the ability to drill down to individual task statuses when desired. Where critical steps or management approvals are required, approval notifications can be routed to the relevant parties.

Maximise team productivity

With in-system reports available on our Audit, Manuals Library, Training and Process Builder, you can access valuable usage statistics. Track individual team member performance and engagement. Use TreeAMS to help your teams allocate resources, plan project execution and collate reports for management analysis. When your teams are managed proactively, relationships improve and morale can be boosted within the company, thereby improving productivity and efficiency.


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