October 26, 2021

Joe & Dough Gearing Up for Even Greater Expansion in 2020

Joe & Dough Streamlines Franchise Management

Joe & Dough is a cafe with over 12 stores in Singapore and 4 in Indonesia gearing up for even greater expansion in 2020. They have plans to expand deeper into Indonesia and intend to grow into new territories. Given the increasing number of outlets, it was getting complex and time-consuming for Jasmine, the Operations Director of the group to manage the daily operations of the business while navigating the way towards growth.

The Challenge

We are a very customer-centric business and committed to serving our customer’s simple honest food. We control the coffee roast, products served in our outlets and manage our branding as well as we can. However, when it comes to conducting regular audits and using the data to improve our business operations, it has been a challenge as we mostly do not have time to collate the data and do any real analysis on it.

When it comes to onboarding our franchisees and new store managers, we do it very manually and personally train every new store manager and franchisee that comes onboard. As we gear for our growth, it is becoming harder and harder to manage due to the increasing number of outlets we need to train and the team we need to monitor.

In today’s world, it is possible to consolidate real-time data leveraging technology. In preparation for our expansion, we decided to invest some time and effort into finetuning our SOP and audit programs onto TreeAMS to reduce some of our repetitive work.


Driving Franchisee Success through TreeAMS

We first started by uploading our Operations Manuals onto the SOP designer of Tree AMS. We participated in the training sessions offered by Tree AMS and quickly learned how to upload, update and assign our SOPS. It really was not too complicated. Anyone who is comfortable with Microsoft word and the use of Google docs would be able to upload their SOPs.

As I usually need to spend a lot of time on store management audits, we decided to create Joe & Dough Audits on the platform in various categories like Hygiene standards, Staff Appearance, Customer service and speed of service.

We also use the audit function to create a digital checklist to help new store openings and score the readiness of a new location before it opens to see if it is ready for the trainers and operation managers to begin the prep work for the new store opening.

Accessing Valuable Data that Improves our performance

With TreeAMS Smart Dashboard and Audit tool, we now have the ability to look at analytics to see trends and averages. We can see how we’re doing and what we need to focus on per category. We never had that before and it is a big help.

The intuitive reporting Dashboard takes our data and puts it into a powerful analytical report that shows our progress overall, over key performance indicators and on specific areas of focus.

What is even more significant is that the automated encoding of the raw data from store audits saves my team and me a lot of time and frees us to attend to much higher value work.

Tree AMS provides us with month-to-date and year-to-date score averages; we like to compare the performance of different stores and also compare different periods.

Secondly, the reports can also allow us to spot the top deficiencies in each store and tell us what we need to be focused on. Of course, this also means we can reward the store managers and franchisees where credit is due too!

The next step would be for us to explore the Training Tool and also the Workflow management so that we can pull all our business management tools onto the TreeAMS management dashboard.

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