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November 15, 2021

Enrich Asia Grows Master Franchises in the Philippines through consistent Franchisee Onboarding

Since 2017, Enrich Asia Philippines management Inc has been building Master Franchises in the education sector throughout The Philippines. Enrich Asia Management Inc holds Master franchise rights for Seriously Addictive Mathematics, Unique English Classroom and SMET, a STEM program.

The Challenge

With over 40 franchisees across the Philippines, Onboarding and maintaining consistent training across the business units can become quite a challenge. Every franchisee requires consistent onboarding, and each unit brings on new teachers that need to be trained on the curriculum in the same way. Being a Master franchisee also means we need to be able to execute our franchisee onboarding for our franchisor consistently so that our entire franchise network operates in compliance with our franchisor’s requirements.

TreeAMS facilitates the Onboarding of new franchisees

We took time to design and document the onboarding of our franchisees. From the moment they sign up the franchise agreement, to finding a correct location, and equipping the franchisees with the right tools, we have documented everything on our franchisee onboarding system on TreeAMS. Whenever a new franchisee comes on board, our franchise managers will systematically take the franchisees through every step of onboarding, ensuring consistency in every franchisee’s onboarding journey.

Training of our franchisee is conducted in live and online sessions. Franchisees can view prerecorded sessions as well as take assessments online to reduce the amount of face-to-face training. During the pandemic, online onboarding became even more critical, and TreeAMS helped us onboard each franchisee with the same workflow.

Teacher Claire, our head trainer has since certified over 100 teachers and due to the digitalization of our onboarding processes, we enjoyed business continuity even during COVID-19 times.

To ensure quality Management, Franchisees are managed through consistent audits. This means we can monitor and track performance by centers across time. This helps us to remain in compliance with the franchise guidelines.

Although the Pandemic has affected our overall business, the fact that we were already leveraging digital technology to manage our business helped us to navigate the challenges and remain relevant as Master Franchisees and assist our franchisees throughout.

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