Warta Ekonomi, JakartaSingapore-based franchise management software company TreeAMS officially announced its expansion into Indonesia on January 17, 2023.

Ceo & Co-Founder of TreeAMS, Hsien Naidu said that the expansion into Indonesia is part of an effort to offer solutions for business owners in facing the challenges of building a stable business with product offerings, service management, and inventory, as well as maximum operational processes.

“Currently TreeAMS is already in Singapore and Malaysia and we will also soon enter the Philippine market in the second quarter of 2023 and into Australia in the third quarter of 2023. But of course, currently Indonesia is our priority market, especially in supporting the business community by launching important and insightful business technology for multi-units owned by business owners and franchises,” said Hsien in a virtual media briefing on Tuesday (17/1/2022).

Being the top priority market in TreeAMS expansion, Hsien said that Indonesia’s market conditions are very different from the Singapore market which has a smaller scale. When viewed in terms of retail and consumer volume, Indonesia’s market condition is very appropriate to become a large destination market as a target of products such as TreeAMS.

This is in line with what TreeAMS Indonesia Country Head, Felicia Elsa, stated that Indonesia has more than 32,000 registered brands and is a very broad country so that each brand has the capacity to grow rapidly in a short time and spread across various islands.

“The initial background of the reason why TreeAMS expanded to Indonesia began with the Joe & Dough project, an F&B brand from Singapore, which expanded to Indonesia, where Joe & Dough used TreeAMS as a tool to ensure smooth operational monitoring,” explained Felicia.

Hsien went on to explain that TreeAMS has been designed to support brands regardless of the size or scale of their business to grow to reach multi-units. Support is provided including data leverage, protection of brand intellectual property, maintaining brand standards and quality, improving operational efficiency, as well as assisting in business decision making to increase profits efficiently to lead to sustainable business growth by using the right methods, inventory, and team in its development.

“For growth targets, we are targeting growth sectorally because technology will adapt to existing industries. But at the moment we can’t say more specifically about this growth in the industry. Our goal is to help the industry to deal with pain points and bring solutions to them to increase profits, efficiency and scalability. So we will start by targeting the market sectorally,” said Hsien explaining the target of business expansion to Indonesia.

For target partners, Hsien explained that TreeAMS will not limit the number of existing partners, but TreeAMS will approach through the right partners and business sectors because he believes that the highest value of the target on this side is to provide benefits to business owners and the market at large so that TreeAMS for now does not specifically set growth targets nor horizontal targets.

As for the product development target for its expansion this time, Hsien explained that TreeAMS will focus on the initial goal of its product development, which is to become a friendly product to be integrated with various kinds of P.O.S. However, TreeAMS will develop a new module in the next quarter where the module is a system related to the recruitment of resources in the business for better business growth. Furthermore, the module will also focus on supporting business owners in supply chain settings without having to invest heavily in ERP.

“This is the contribution we want to bring in our expansion in the Indonesian market. This year also what we believe is very important in business is communication to improve linkages, including in the internal business. We will work to improve this to support business growth and also productivity in business operations. Where we can be a bridge for better communication between business people and to increase sustainable cooperation,” concluded Hsien.

Source: Singaporean Company TreeAMS Announces Expansion to Indonesia (wartaekonomi.co.id)


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