MoneyFM 89.3 Interview: Hsien Naidu, CEO of TreeAMS, Discusses the Future of Franchise Scalability

Singapore, 06-06-23 – In a recent interview on MoneyFM 89.3, Hsien Naidu, the CEO of TreeAMS, shed light on the revolutionary franchise management software that is set to transform the industry. TreeAMS offers a comprehensive solution that leverages technology to ensure scalability, streamline operations, and enhance the overall success of franchises.

TreeAMS aims to provide a holistic platform that addresses the challenges faced by franchisors and franchisees, enabling them to achieve their growth objectives with ease.

The interview delved into the ways TreeAMS utilizes technology to facilitate franchise scalability. Hsien emphasized three critical aspects: replicability of operations, maintaining quality consistency, and delivering a uniform customer experience across all franchise outlets. By centralizing operations and automating key processes, TreeAMS allows franchises to expand without compromising on the quality of their products or services.

During the discussion, the CEO highlighted the limitations of the traditional manual approach to franchise management. The manual method is labor-intensive, prone to human errors, and often struggles to maintain consistency. She stressed that these challenges can hinder the success of franchises and impact their bottom line.

TreeAMS was developed to address these limitations head-on. The software provides a range of benefits that help businesses manage their operations more effectively. Hsien explained that TreeAMS allows franchise owners to oversee their entire business in a single snapshot, reducing repetitive administrative tasks and enabling quick onboarding of franchisees. By streamlining processes and providing real-time insights, TreeAMS empowers franchise stakeholders to make data-driven decisions and drive growth.

“TreeAMS is like a beacon of light for various stakeholders,” Hsien stated about the impact of the software to the franchise industry. “It helps them manage their brand, quality, and consistency anytime, anywhere in one single platform.” She added. The software’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features enable franchisees and franchisors to collaborate seamlessly, fostering effective communication and minimizing delays and misunderstandings.

The interview also touched on the background behind the development of TreeAMS. Hsien acknowledged that building a successful franchise is not guaranteed, with statistics indicating that 75% of new franchises fail. Recognizing the importance of reducing this failure rate and ensuring the success of both franchisees and franchisors, she set out to create a solution that would promote scalability and harmony within the franchise ecosystem.

TreeAMS caters to brands and businesses of all sizes, ranging from emerging ventures to well-established enterprises. The software’s versatility ensures that both new and mature franchises can harness its power to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and achieve sustainable growth.

As the interview concluded, Hsien left the audience with a clear message: “I wanted to decrease that chance of failure for franchisees as well as the franchisors so that they could all scale happily, together.” With TreeAMS, Hsien and her team are working towards a future where franchises can thrive, empowered by cutting-edge technology and a shared commitment to success.


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