Key Business Performance
Data at Your Fingertips

Providing insights that help franchisors make decisions

Our Smart Performance Management dashboard presents overall performance data through the collation and reporting of your franchise network’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

From headquarter performance, territory command centres to individual units, the dashboard provides insights and benchmarks that help franchisors make decisions and take necessary action to improve overall performance.

The heartbeat monitor that measures the pulse of the business

Not only does this visibility benefit Franchisors and territorial Franchisees you also get to see how the outlets under their care are doing.

For managers only looking after their own outlets, this system is nothing less than the heartbeat monitor that measures the pulse of the business.


Customise your dashboard to view only the essentials

TreeAMS Dashboard feature may be customised to reflect the roles of the user in the network. Franchisors, Franchisees, Franchise Managers, Service staff need different sets of information to help them perform at their best.

The TreeAMS Dashboard feature is designed to present Key Performance Indicators, progress reports and to-do lists customised to the user and their role in the network.

The Dashboard allows the franchisors to view overall performance of the entire network as well as drill down to view results, by territories, by outlets and different time periods.

Never miss out on important tasks

Important tasks such as conducting audits, giving or receiving trainings are presented on the To-Do List on your personalised dashboard and allows you to see what has been assigned to you.

Save time preparing reports and collating results for visualisation

Reduce the time spent on collating audit and training  results. TreeAMS Dashboard presents data you need graphically directly on your dashboard

Dashboard Functions

Present Financial Data alongside Quality Performance Data

Unify financial data from your POS through file uploads and present both financial and Qualitative data on ONE single platform. View all information on one singular dashboard instead of having to keep referring to different information sources

Benchmark Your Performance

The benchmark comparison function allows you to easily capture how each entity is performing next to pre-set benchmarks.

Customisable Dashboard

Present only the data you need to track.

Manage Your Business In Real Time

Manage your franchise network more effectively by making decisions and taking action based on real time data.

To-do list

Never miss any tasks by executing your To-Do List systematically.

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