Restaurant Operations Checklist


A set of restaurant management checklists includes a collection of organized lists covering various aspects of managing a restaurant. These checklists help ensure that all necessary tasks and responsibilities are addressed efficiently and consistently. Here are some standard restaurant operations checklists to serve as your starting point:

  • Opening Checklist
  • Closing Checklist
  • Kitchen Prep Checklist
  • Health and Safety Inspection Checklist
  • Inventory Management Checklist
  • Staff Training Checklist
  • Customer Service Checklist
  • Marketing and Promotions Checklist
  • Financial Management Checklist
  • Maintenance Checklist
  • Vendor Management Checklist
  • Menu Development Checklist

These are just a few examples of the many checklists that can be created to manage different aspects of a restaurant. Each checklist should be tailored to your specific restaurant’s needs and can be adapted and expanded over time to accommodate changes and improvements in your operations.

TreeAMS offers some configurable in-system checklists to help you along. Ask your consultant to include them!






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