October 26, 2022

Why PH is an Emerging Franchise Management Technology Champion

Franchise Asia Philippines: International Franchise Expo (FAPHL2022)
was one monumental and successful event our team at TreeAMS has ever participated in. The 3-day franchise exhibition held at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City last October 14-16 featured an overwhelming 500+ local and international brands and service providers, including us. 

The expo kicked off with an exciting opening ceremony, ribbon-cutting from the organisers, and a festive band parade along with mascots of some well-known local brands like Julie’s Bakeshop, Famous Belgian Waffle, and Potato Corner. The hall was filled with reputable brands, and almost half were first-time exhibitors—from food to non-food and several service businesses—which brought a vibrant, forward-looking environment to anyone who visited the event.  

The international expo, with a record of 50,000 visitors per year, didn’t fail to attract guests. It was continuously flooded since day one by entrepreneurs expanding their knowledge of franchising and aspiring franchisors and franchisees planning to enter the franchising sphere. Such strongly affirmed the organisers’ success in aiming to rekindle the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit.  

This success overflowed to our booth at TreeAMS. With more than 100+ booth inquiries, we have seen how sincere Filipino entrepreneurs are in taking their business growth to the next level. However, our conversations with them opened many areas of concern about the challenges they currently face, including a pharmaceutical business owner who chose to put up multiple pharmacies in multiple locations but under totally different names from the founding store name. Another, a multiple-mall food kiosk owner, talked about having his current success in growing his business but is now challenged to maintain quality operational standards as he expands across those outlets. An owner of a trading company with multiple outlets was looking to ease her pain of streamlining business operations by moving away from repetitive manual daily operations tasks. There is also one brand owner of the announced “50 Pinoy brands to franchise overseas” who came to our booth and was intentionally delighted to look at how the platform can support his business in going overseas.  

These were only some of the genuine challenges behind most Filipino franchisors’ current success in the industry, which to no avail is challenging to find any real solution in the country. When our team showed them how TreeAMS could address their challenges and be a potential support of their growing businesses, it brought them visible excitement leading to product walkthrough signups and some even ready to be onboarded. Some notable local brands, such as Potato Corner and Bang Bang Bangus, have seen TreeAMS’s franchise management system’s superiority and earned acknowledgements. The team is also keen to partner with large corporations like Shakey’s group.  

Several managed service providers or consultants like Action Coach, Cryptex, and Easy Franchise have also visited our booth and are looking forward to integrating TreeAMS into their services to expand the solution they can offer their clients.  

Our team’s product walkthrough even extended going to other local and international booth exhibitors such as the US Pizza, Marrybrown, and Nspire.  

This paved the way for an inspiring and forward-looking partnership between TreeAMS and all franchisors, aspiring ones, and consultants. Their overwhelming embrace proves their unrelenting commitment to building great franchise systems in the Philippines.  

Likewise, we at TreeAMS are one in this mission not only in the Philippines but in the whole of the Southeast Asia region, making quality franchise operations management accessible to anyone seeking to revolutionise how they scale their businesses. Whether one intends to make more profits, elevate their team performances, or sprint scale their business, TreeAMS franchise management software is a reliable support in making businesses grow better and go further.