August 8, 2022

Successfully Grow Your Brand with a Complete Franchise Management Software 

Today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment leads franchisors under more pressure than ever to ensure that their brand is managed consistently throughout their franchise network. It means that franchisors must continuously monitor and manage all the key success areas of their franchise operations management.

Focusing on franchise system management is the key to ensuring this quality management and consistent growth. But in the real business scenario, that is not the case. Most franchisors typically undervalue the importance of ensuring that individual franchisees are managed well as they often take the route of franchisee recruitment for growth strategy. While having a large franchise network is essential for the growth of a brand, successful business operations management for franchise development is even more critical to sustaining that growth over time.

But for a franchisor taking the route of focusing on the franchise management system, it is a pain in the ass. The franchisor must simultaneously deal with franchisees’ issues at varying levels, from franchisee network performance, onboarding, communications, training, audit compliance, royalty payment management, and more. It is a daunting task for them. In fact, almost 75% of new franchisors fail to ensure successful franchise unit excellence and franchise network growth because of this difficulty. This boils down to the complexity of scaling the franchise operations processes.

Franchise operations management complexities include a lag in reports, difficulty in executing plans, unknown gaps and changes in operational SOPs, training programs, audits, effective quality controls and franchisee engagement. In addition, most franchisors use a mishmash of analogue and non-integrated tools, including spreadsheets and cloud-based storage, to manage their business in an often-unsynchronized way. As a result, when the business owners realize there is an issue, it is already too late to mitigate the problems.

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Today, franchisors can now have access to a variety of technologies that can help them manage their franchise networks more efficiently. Most franchisors rely on different technology solutions to handle the various aspects of franchise management. However, they can find it challenging to collate all this information onto one dashboard, so they still cannot extract actionable insights from their data.

As a more adept solution, franchisors can go for a holistic franchise management software so that resources are focused on value-added activities that make each franchised unit successful.

Here are some aspects that you should look for in complete franchise management software:

  1. Combines all the tools a franchisor and their field franchise managers need to manage their franchisees for sustainable franchise scalability.
  2. Collate all the relevant information and reports regarding each area of the franchise system, from revenue, royalty collection, training performance, audit compliance and marketing campaign outcomes, into one view for improved franchise operations management.
  3. Offers Real-Time data.
  4. Everyone on the platform only sees what they need to see.
  5. Facilitates franchisee-focused performance scorecards that encourage franchisee engagement.
  6. It helps the franchisor increase profitability by optimizing labour costs related to franchise management and effectively collecting franchise Royalties and all other franchise fees.
  7. Reduces reliance on complex API integrations and multiple subscriptions on different feature-based technology.

Managing the various business processes is key to building a strong and sustainable franchise system. This means having access to real-time information across key functions of each franchisee and their franchise business units, across territories, anytime, anywhere. Therefore, looking for a technology that works all these aspects together is crucial.

TreeAMS Franchise Management platform is designed by franchise experts specifically to offer franchisors, their franchisees and franchise field managers insightful business intelligence and lead indicators of various key performance areas in real-time. More importantly, TreeAMS encourages transparency in management and ONE TRUTH across the organization simultaneously as opposed to the lag indicators that franchisors previously used to manage their franchise systems.

TreeAMS is a modular management suite for multi-outlet businesses specially designed to put franchise owners from different industries such as food and beverage, education, service and retail in the driver’s seat, allowing them to see all the key information they need across their franchise network on a single dashboard. It is the simplest way to keep a growing business organized.

This modular suite of management tools can be easily configured to allow the franchisor to track essential metrics like overall sales, EBITDA, royalty calculations, SOP, audits, online training and assessment, process builders and customized reports on one consolidated platform.

Through TreeAMS Software, franchisors can:

  • Get real-time data on revenue and profitability management.
  • Manage their franchisee network.
  • Help with new franchisee onboarding for franchise scalability.
  • Design and conduct training programs.
  • Design and conduct audits.
  • Develop quality management programs with KPIs for improved franchise operations.
  • Communicate with their franchisees through franchise scorecards.
  • Control the use of intellectual property for better brand control.
  • Configure reports of the data collected to extract actionable insights.
  • Track performance of outlets over time.
  • Franchise recruitment management.
  • Get access to reports on one single dashboard.

TreeAMS Franchise Management Software can simplify the entire franchise management process by increasing efficiency in franchisee onboarding, cutting away repetitive training, automatically collating information and presenting it in the form of reports to help the franchisor get access to the business intelligence needed quickly. In addition, key performance benchmarks can be set to give both franchisors and franchisees visibility on how they are performing.

Leveraging technology to manage the franchise network will allow the franchisor to respond to the needs of the franchisees instead of constantly fighting a fire. In addition, this level of franchise management solutions will help the franchisor scale its processes and firmly put them in a position of leadership and better able to confidently guide its franchisees towards success.

TreeAMS: The Only Franchise Management Software franchisors need to scale.

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