TreeAMS for Food Safety

Achieve the quality & consistency needed to ensure food safety



TreeAMS is the simplest yet most comprehensive way to achieve the visibility and consistency needed to ensure food safety in your food operations.

Track compliance against all your safety protocols

TreeAMS offers a comprehensive report by store and by audit to help operators track compliance against all your safety protocols and the quality of work to uncover critical issues and focus attention where it is most needed most to catch potential problems early. With real-time data collection, the solutions of TreeAMS give you the power to see what’s going on at every level in your F&B outlets at any time.


Our Quality Operations Management Solution helps F&B operators maintain High Food Safety standards with:

Real time distribution of SOP to all relevant parties

Instantly distribute the latest food safety protocols, sanitization procedures, employee wellness processes, audit forms, line checks, and more to every location, and enable your team to capture photos and submit other critical information needed to stay on top of safety.

Implement Internal Audit programs

Safety protocols are usually observed through the implementation of regular internal audits from various perspectives: At Store level as Checklists, from the field Manager Perspective to ensure store management standards are observed, from and HQ level to ensure that institutional industry Food & Safety standards are being observed.


Systematic Safety Standards Training

Ensure that food is managed and prepared the right way through blended online and live Training and Assessment programs

Auto-generated reports

Automatically generated reports help F&B Operators Identify at-risk stores and surface coaching opportunities

Choose better way of management