Empower Teams, Minimize Expenses



Most Efficient Way to Get Your Team Up to Speed

Quickly and cost-effectively train and onboard your team and franchisees, helping them quickly become familiar with their role and business model, and increase productivity.

Systematic Training Across Business Units

Maintain uniformity in the way training is conducted with a powerful training framework and receive feedback immediately for better team results.

Onboard Franchisees Effectively

Effortlessly onboard new franchisees from anywhere in the world consistently with pre-built automated workflows. Streamline and control processes to accelerate franchise growth.

Reduce Manual One-on-One Training

Reduce manual one-on-one training by automating your training process with our intuitive platform. Create custom training programs to fit your company’s needs, and streamline your training process to save you time and money.

Reduce Time Tracking Performance Results

Analyze franchisees’ performance and monitor progress toward achieving key business objectives in a structured way. Motivate franchisees and drive performance improvement.

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