Increase Franchise Related Profits  


Boost Your Business Profitability

TreeAMS Franchise management software provides all the tools you need to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Consolidate all data related to Royalty Revenue, Supply chain sales, Marketing and training revenue on one platform. Get insights on your franchisee’s performance to help them perform better because when your franchisees do better, your franchise does better!


Increase Franchisee Performance Visibility

Consolidates all your Franchise related revenue data onto a single dashboard. Effortlessly track royalties, franchisee proprietary supply consistency, monitor global marketing and training certification contributions to optimize invoice and payment cycles.

Maximise Restocking without the need for ERP

Cost efficiently implement daily stocktakes at the Franchise unit level ensure Par level Inventory at Franchise unit level is maintained and re-stocking is initiated. Our auto tracking and reports of orders contribute to the overall financial health of the franchise .


Reduce Onboarding and People Management Costs

Reduce the time spent on repetitive onboarding tasks. Automate key operational onboarding and offboarding processes so repeated processes can be executed consistently. Leverage our People Management Tool to help manage employee documentation, Time attendance tracking, leave management, claims and standard operations procedures management.

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