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Revolutionize The Way You Grow Business

Expedite franchise business scalability more efficiently with TreeAMS franchise management software. Attract franchisees, plan, and execute growth strategy within your timeline easily.

Real-Time Business Information in Your Hands

Utilize the live, 24/7 business intelligence dashboard for every aspect of the franchise business. Confidently make decisions that best fit the current business phase.

Set Franchisee Onboarding on Autopilot

Effortlessly onboard new franchisees from anywhere in the world consistently with pre-built automated workflows. Streamline and control processes to accelerate franchise growth.

Demonstrate Superior Franchise Management

Intuitive visibility of Standard Operating Procedures execution across the entire team. Selectively manage and delegate SOPs to specific units accessible anytime, anywhere.

Display Consistent Brand Training Across Units

Maintain uniformity in the way training is conducted with a powerful training framework and receive feedback immediately for better team results.

Boost Franchise Performance and Satisfaction

Analyze franchisees’ performance and monitor progress toward achieving key business objectives in a structured way. Motivate franchisees and drive performance improvement.

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